Lin + Qi (Leon)

Creative photographer duo, offering weddings + life stories photography, booking in Vancouver & worldwide.

Twelve years ago, I’d (lin) just graduated from journalism school at University of British Columbia and started as a reporter for a local Chinese community newspaper. I was no stranger to story-telling, but the camera Qi always carried with him seemed to be a more powerful tool. It speaks every language and conveys our unique vision to everyone around the world.

Not long after, Qi taught me all he knew about photography and the shared passion brought us even closer. It remained that way until 2010, when the global economic crisis hit the news media hard. I was out of job as the newspaper I worked for was shut down, and soon Qi was laid off as the newspaper he worked for moved their editing and printing departments to China to cut the labour cost.

In the search for our new future, the dream of becoming a professional photographer surfaced again, and here we are— five years into our photography business. And we can’t be happier about our life.

Looking back, life is been generous to us. Coming all the way from two very different parts of China, we fell in love in Vancouver. Now we are married for 12 years and have a beautiful daughter who just turned 7 this spring.

And we are doing something we love and make a good living. As journalists, revealing the fact and telling the true story——whether through the keyboard or the lenses——was part of our job. That doesn’t change much as we became photographers. Only, by adding the ingredients of creativity and passion, we make it part of our life. Our work has been featured on some well-loved wedding blogs such as Junebug weddings, FrenchKisstheBride, and etc.

To this point of our business, we’ve learned that our look isn’t for everyone. We tend to attract clients who are seeking an honest but creative approach to record a story of their life. They are people who believe that their wedding day is important and unforgettable, but so is a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a book in their hands, and kids running around. We crave for stories that inspire us and spark our creativity.

We will be there. We’ll listen, we’ll observe, taking in the happenings around us. We will store the quiet interactions, unprompted emotions, stolen glances, and genuine connections for you, within the frame. At the end of the day, our goal is to present our clients a story that not only grab them, but also let them sink in. And in 50 years, that same story will still be able to draw them back into the day, letting it wash over them again.

  1. I am a social introvert.
  2. I could totally live my whole life in my bedroom. I think.
  3. I like sleeping in. (Obviously)
  4. I am more of a tea person—if Qi doesn’t make coffee every morning. (He’s obsessed with pour-over coffee and believes he’s better than any barista in the whole universe. Seriously. )
  5. We have a silver toy poodle, whose name is 7.
  6. I love hot yoga.
  7. I don’t do phone calls. Email or text, please.
  8. I only read books with a happy ending now.
  9. Qi taught me how to photograph.
  10. My goal for 2107 is to learn how to swim.
  11. Being Chinese, I am really bad at math. (Unfortunately, it seems like I gave that gene to Chloe.)
  12. Though living in west coast of Canada, I am not a camping person. (My first, and only camping experience is unforgettable though, as that’s when Qi proposed. )

Lin is right about me being obsessed with pour-over coffee. Actually, I survive on it… and red-bean-popcicle, and great architecture & indoor designs, emotional sad music, & black and white images. My dream is to write a book every early morning in an oceanside house of our own. I only eat fruits if Lin washes them for me, unless it’s blueberry. 🙂