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Xinxin + Thomas

Finding a fantastic wedding photographer was at the top of our to-do list when we started planning our wedding. After a quick prayer, we opened the browser and hoped for the best. We found Lin + Leon (linQreative) and were immediately wowed by their work. Our attention was first caught by their unique name and we were impressed further while browsing all of their previous work. We quickly called and booked an appointment.

From our first meeting with Lin + Leon, we knew immediately they were the photographers for us. They were very intent on getting to know us and understand our wedding plans. We were also very impressed by their professionalism and printing samples. Their works were stunning; so much creativity and thought had gone into every picture. To help us conquer the awkwardness and nervousness in front of the lens, they offered us an engagement photoshoot session. They were so fun to work with!

It was important to us to have natural and creative photos that reflected emotions and details of our wedding day…Lin + Leon did a fabulous job! Everyone who could not attend our wedding felt that they were at our wedding just by looking through our wedding book. A bonus point was that both Lin + Leon could speak Mandarin. Half of our family came from China and could not speak much English. Their language skills made the family photo shooting part much smoother!

We honestly couldn’t have chosen better photographers than Lin + Leon. Thank you very much!”

Beth + Justin

To us, photography was the most important part of planning our wedding. We were looking for a specific style that is hard to describe- artistic, but emotional, captures moments, and has a unique beauty. I browsed the internet for months trying to find what I was looking for that was within our price range. We are so happy with Lin and Leon’s work, and they were able to design a package that was specific to what we wanted. They are so professional and sweet and were such an integral part of the most important day of our lives. The pictures turned out beautifully, and we are not the most photogenic people so they had their work cut out! I would recommend them to anyone, just look at their galleries and the pictures speak for themselves.

Sylvia + Curtis

More than a year ago, my husband (fiance then) and I was looking for photographers to capture our special moment. It’s amazing what Google leads you to sometimes. LinQreative caught my attention as I love their portfolio! I contacted them and they were very quick with responding. I signed up right away.

That was just the begining of a really good working relationship with Lin and Leon. They are hardworking, genuine and very easy to work with. They scheduled time for coffee with us, so they can get to know us better, listen to what we want, what we like and what we do not.

They have not only successfully captured our wedding day in photos, they were very much part of our wedding. Thanks Lin & Leon!


We are so happy with the outcome of the Beloved session with Lin and Leon of linQreative. They have the eye for details and the simple beauty. And they have the ability to allow us to feel at ease and enjoy the moments in front of the camera. We love our photos and would highly recommend them to any one!

Christie + Dai

linQreative is a very dynamic, energetic and professional photography company.  I had the pleasure of working with them a while ago when creating a few demo pictures for some promotional materials.

They were professionals from the booking through to delivering the finished goods. I highly recommend their work and know if you were to give them a chance to assist you with your next round of photography needs, you’ll be as satisfied as I was.

Sabrina + Liwei

We will be eternally grateful to Lin and Leon of linQreative. Upon receiving the picture, we are very excited. Their style is to be “natural,” and the pursuit of pure natural and fresh style. We will graduate at the end of this year and go back to China to continue our adventure, so we just wanted to do something that could give us a lasting memory of Vancouver. These breathtaking photographs capture the remarkable moments.

Care + Stuart

Having never had a professional photographer take pictures of my spouse and I, we thought it would be a fun experience and worst case scenario get a few good shots! Lin and Leon have an great talent for photography and a great eye. I love that they care about what you want and work to get those shots. They were very helpful and directive as we had no idea what we were doing. We highly recommend Lin/Leon – you won’t be disappointed!

I used linQreative for a project that involved visiting multiple locations and businesses. Their professionalism and laid back attitude made the project enjoyable from start to finish. The final product was amazing – the photographs really showcased each business with lots of life and colour. Thank you Lin and Leon!

Kristy + Shelley

Umbrella² Design Group

We run a graphic design agency, and LinQreative is our favourite photographer to work with. Lin and Leon are always professional, have amazing ideas, and are very easy to work with. Every photo shoot we’ve completed with them, we have been 100% happy. Their work is consistently well done. As a design agency, we go along with Lin and Leon to art direct the photo shoot, working to obtain certain styles, angles, and different shots that our client needs. They listen to us well, and if they have concerns about our ideas, they provide an alternative that never disappoints us. We are looking forward to working with LinQreative for many years ahead!