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Lin Yin

I am a Chinese language freelance writer, content strategist, photographer, and entrepreneur. But most of all, I am and have always been a story-teller at heart. Born and raised in China, I earned my Master degree at UBC Journalism school in Vancouver and have built my life and career in this rapidly evolving city.

With its unique geographic location, and the fastest-growing Chinese community in North America, Vancouver provides unparalleled opportunities for Chinese language marketing. More than 500,000 people represent a segment of market that can’t be overlooked, especially when they are the perfect ambassadors for businesses to a massive market in China.fI was approached by some local businesses to write content for them and that’s how I converted into the business-focused writer I am today. Over 10 years of experience as a journalist has given me a valuable combination of skills I can now leverage to help businesses achieve their goals in the Chinese speaking market. I dive deep into research and interview industry experts to create long-form, actionable content such as blog posts, media stories, WeChat OA articles, and newsletters, to connect them with the Chinese speaking audience that will support them.

When I am not working, you’ll find me enjoying a pour-over coffee Qi just made, colouring with my 10-year-old daughter or having fun racing with our 5-pound toy poodle Seven……

As an award-winning journalist with over 20 years’ experience in traditional outlets and social platforms in both China and Canada, I have built my reputation for bold thinking and out-of-box approach. Running a small business is nerve-racking and exciting. At linQreative, I work with a range of clients from realtor companies to local start-ups to help adapt their brands, raise awareness, make their projects stand out and attract interest in the Chinese community.
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