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Let's talk!

We are really happy that we can potentially work together. The 1st step of our working process is for us to get to know each other. Email, phone call, video chat or a meeting, whatever you feel comfortable with, just tell us about your business, your goals, your ideas, your current efforts and your struggles regarding the Chinese language marketing. It helps us understand the type of content you need and design a content marketing plan that’s right for you.


Brand + Marketing Strategy

This is the foundation work that’s often overlooked. We can’t copy and paste what you have and apply it to the Chinese language marketing. Instead, we capture your elements and help precisely convey your original messages across language barriers, while remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the target Chinese audience.


Content Creation

We use story-telling approach to help you build relationships with your target audience in the Chinese speaking market. Please get involved as much as possible. Share your ideas, suggestions & feedbacks. We may also need additional resources from you such as the contact information for any internal expert you’d like us to interview.


Write. Publish. Distribute.

We write. We will connect with you in Google Driver, Asana/Slack, and set up the deadlines for all the deliverables. You’ll have up to two rounds of revisions.

Depending on what we’ve agreed upon, we will also create a plan for our content to get published by publications, and/or amplify its influence by social sharing.


Measure. Report. Adjust.

We will track our performance on an ongoing basis, and provide a detailed analysis on audience, traffic, and followers growth based on our content marketing efforts at the end of the project (or every three months if it’s a long-term project). We’ll learn what works, what performs best, and we will make changes to the content strategy so we can always get results.


What's next...

Please feel free to share your feedback on your experience working with us. If you are happy with our work and would like to turn a one-off project into an ongoing engagement, let’s make it happen!

So, are you ready to go serious?

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