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Creative content marketing for brands to connect with their audience in the Chinese speaking market

linQreative is a copywriting, content marketing and photography team based out of Vancouver, Canada. We are your marketing partner to help grow your business in the Chinese speaking market, locally and internationally. And we specialize in producing original content to bridge the language and cultural gap between brands and their Chinese target audience.


When it comes to international growth, the biggest challenge for most brands is to stay true to who they are. At linQreative, we always conduct thorough research and interview to profile your business and understand your brand. We use it as a guide when writing to keep the Chinese message authentic and undiluted. After all, to find the perfect match, in any market, is to discover those who see the world the same way you do.

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Story-telling is what sets us apart from our competition. A good story inspires curiosity, connection and engagement. As experienced journalists, we know how to find a good story and how to tell one. We tell stories that commands attention, amplifies interest and turns strategy into business result. And, we mimic your tone and style, too.


Translation is not simple substitution of words in one language for words in another. It is essential to precisely convey the original ideas and emotions across language barriers, while remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the target audience. That’s why we trans-create. We bring brand stories to life across cultures and languages so you can build a strong connection with your audience in the Chinese speaking market.

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linQreative is a results-driven team. We are highly responsive and efficient. We listen. We research. We create. We deliver. We don’t waste your time, or ours.

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