Hey, I am Lin! 

I work with indie beauty brands to communicate their stories authentically and effectively to their Chinese speaking audience, living in China and overseas. 

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Freelance writing for indie beauty brands is a new addition to our business, but it’s been a long time passion for me. Personally, I’ve always preferred indie options and niche products, especially when it comes to skincare. I wrote my first indie beauty brand review back in 2006, when I was in love with Dr. Hauschka, a German organic/natural skincare line that has a cult following. Can’t imagine how much trouble I went through to place my order on a shopping site in Germany and ship it to Canada! (I know, feels like a century ago…)

Fast forward ten years… indie beauty brands have experienced explosive growth, especially in North America. It’s almost like there’s a new brand launched every day, and each has their own unique and special story and a different philosophy about how to become or remain beautiful. Creativity and entrepreneurship are surging in the beauty industry.

You’ve build a successful brand and are ready to expand your consumer reach in the Chinese speaking market. But...


Enter Me

Your Chinese Content Creator & Marketer

I speak the language. I understand the culture. I know the market. 

And most of all, I truly understand your brand and the indie beauty industry. I develop content that is consistent to your brand purpose and match it with what is important to your customers. By being an authentic story-teller, we win trust and build a loyal community around your brand, thus leading to successful sustainable growth in the Chinese speaking market.

Great Content Doesn't Work if Nobody Finds it.

I create content that will be placed in reputable media outlets. I believe this is the first and best marketing strategy to build your brand awareness in the Chinese speaking market. Social media is all fun, but the established media outlets are credible, have a much bigger audience, and have the professionals who know how to grab the audience. Before I became a freelance writer /content marketer, I’d spent over ten years taking the seat on the other side of the desk. I have both the connections and insider knowledge of how to pitch a story idea, draw the editors’ attention, and get the story published.

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I write keyword-optimized stories that consistently rank in Google. For example, I wrote a feature story for Olio E Osso last October, an organic skincare brand based out of Portland, Oregon. The story has since ranked #1 (of over 7.2 million results) in organic Google search results for “skincare Portland” and #1 (of 1 million results) for “organic skincare Portland”, in Chinese. I managed to outrank established sites including Red, Mafengwo, and Dealmoon. Read more of my work here.

Everybody knows WeChat. It is called a super-app because it has the features of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, Amazon, Apple Pay, PayPal and more. And it has over 1.1 billion active daily users in the world by early 2019. If you are interested in the Chinese speaking market (not just the China market), you need a WeChat OA. I will help you apply, verify, setup and manage your account, including content creation and distribution. I will also use my own WeChat OA and networking to help increase your business exposure and social sharing in the Chinese speaking market.

Brands I’ve worked with:

So, are you ready to work with me?

My standard rate for one-time assignments starts from $495. Quotes vary depending on topic complexity, research needed, and word count. Email me for a custom quote if you're interested in long-term , more intensive content creation projects.

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