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Content Creation

Once we determine your goals regarding the Chinese language content marketing, we will start the process of content creation. We take a focused approach to create engaging content that enhances your brand and inspires readers to learn more. We prioritize staying authentic to your brand’s voice in any format of the content creation.


Chinese Translation

We encourage brands focus on new content that’s specifically created for their target Chinese speaking audience instead of just translating their English content. But when you do need the content translated, we trans-create. We adapt the content to communicate the right values across the language and cultural barriers, and bring unique experiences to retain your followers and keep them engaged.


WeChat Marketing

WeChat is one of the most powerful marketing tools in Chinese language. It has an active monthly users of more than 1.1 billion. We help brands establish their presence on WeChat and publish quality content and more importantly, to cultivate a personable brand voice that helps supporters feel connected.


Media Relations

With years of experience in journalism, we have the trusted relationship and the knowledge of how to pitch a story idea, draw the editors’ attention, and get the story published. We also devise innovative paid media solutions in traditional and new media to maximize your Chinese content marketing objectives.


We closely work with each brand as a strong and effective alternative and partner to in-house resources for brand building and marketing in the Chinese speaking market.

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